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The story of a Techie turned Trek Leader

You get to choose two things in your lif

Born in a middle-classed South Indian family, Vignesh was not supposed to dream big. His life revolved around the school and the football ground. Trying to run away from the reality he struggled to live in it. Vignesh dreamt of being a professional footballer all his life. But given the life chances, it's not fair that everybody's dream comes true. So he made a dream whilst living it...

Winning a Child Prodigy Award for programming was not part of his plan when he was in high school. Soon after, he saw himself in a software development job. For a year and a half, he would go to his desk and wonder if that was really what he wanted. His zeal for outdoors kept him on his toes each day until he caught a train to begin a new journey...

At 22, Vignesh left his job and pursued a career in high altitude trek-leading. It was a start as he gradually learned how to work with the local community and the fragile eco-system while trekking. As a probationary trek leader, he finished leading 22 batches of treks and became a trek leader.


He finished his Basic Mountaineering Course from NIMAS, Arunachal Pradesh. He is a certified Wilderness First Responder. He is also a certified ESL Teacher.

At 24, he had lead 40 high altitude trek batches across various regions of the Himalayas. New friends, new stories, and new beginnings had meaning in life...

A lot of us wonder if they can't do more than just dream. Many are out there struggling to find a balance between their passion and reality. A few troubled people with huge potential, living their life for just the sake of it. Scared to decide, to take a leap of faith or to accept their reality even.


This website is a small token of love and appreciation for all those out there thinking of giving up on their dreams. The stories here would remind these people that it's not late and that they are not alone...

Travel safe and spread joy around. People love a smile on the face!

See you around

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