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Smile around the face

...stay steady and say cheese!

Capturing the joyous moments are priceless in life. On my treks, I had the chance to capture such beautiful memories and stories of people at places which were - Picture Perfect!! I could re-live any of these moments through these pictures. However, the moments are impossible to re-live, I am happy by just revisiting the beautiful memories anytime. 

I have gone through hard times, harsh weather, severe health conditions for my trekkers, and as a Trek Leader I have taken a few calls which are very tough in the Himalayas. In spite of these downfalls, when I see my trekkers complete the trek and have that tear of joy in their eyes, I believe at that moment a picture does make time stop. Here are a few moments which I dedicate to all my fellow trekkers for making me smile...

Captured on Camera

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